Scarlet {RPs: Petalshower & Barrenstar}

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20 years old
In the happy, fluffy bunny land where Karkat is being tortured
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Yo :3 I'm Scarlet and these me charries:

PETALSHOWER (female, Riverclan, warrior)

BARRENNIGHT (female, Windclan, leader [9 lives])

{Profile pic is baby Petalshower... just 'cus it cute >:3 and dis is baby Barrennight:

cute :P}

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TWCS is almost complete, and is also now open for Roleplay! Though we are still on Hiatus - that is, I'm still busy editing pages and adding new ones - you can all now join or re-join with characters you had before we became a canon-based site. I apologize for any inconvenience, and If you have any questions, feel free to message me about it!



ThunderClan: The skies are clear with plenty of sunshine, and prey is scurrying to get to fallen acorns and leaves.

ShadowClan: A biting wind chills any cat outside of the camp, and frost is beginning to appear on the marshy ground.

RiverClan: The sun shines brightly, warming the river waters and pelts of cats.

WindClan: Though the sky is empty blue, a freezing wind tears across the open moorland.

Season: Leaf-Fall


Toms; 4 She-Cats; 4

ThunderClan; 1, 0

ShadowClan; 1, 0

RiverClan; 1, 1

WindClan; 1, 2

Loners; 0, 0

Rogues; 0, 1