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Petalshower is a gentle and willowy RiverClan she-cat. She is a normal built cat, no special stature as such. Her legs are quite long and elegant, as is her equally long tail and drooping whiskers; with paws that are small and dainty with well-kept claws sheathed in them. Her pelt is as if someone took a large brush to her fur and dabbed over it in many, soft colours; such as small splashes of a rosy blush here and there and the colour of sunshine on a field of buttercups paired with rich earthy colours standing out from the pure white. Her eyes are an equally soft brown where speckles of ripe green may show in the right light. As her description suggests, Petalshower is quite the elegant and refined cat for one that is a warrior. It is true, it is to her distain that the sound of fighting cats may echo angrily in her surroundings but she could never shun the life she had been born with. Petalshower, as many other clan cats might agree, believes that cats should not have to fight and, instead, should co-exist in harmony with each other and the environment. But, soft-spoken and rather gentle and quiet, Petalshower could never voice these opinions without reason. When she needs to be, and only then, Petalshower can be quite firm; but still in her own, loving way. Despite how she may seem airheaded and not able to stand up for herself, Petalshower still has another side to be told. She is organised and just over average intelligence and, possibly if she put her heart into it, could make a great battle strategist. Though gentle, Petalshower fairs quite well in battle, though tends to dodge and deflect rather than go on the offensive; which may someday prove to be her downfall.

Apprentice:: Otterpaw

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ThunderClan: The skies are clear with plenty of sunshine, and prey is scurrying to get to fallen acorns and leaves.

ShadowClan: A biting wind chills any cat outside of the camp, and frost is beginning to appear on the marshy ground.

RiverClan: The sun shines brightly, warming the river waters and pelts of cats.

WindClan: Though the sky is empty blue, a freezing wind tears across the open moorland.

Season: Leaf-Fall


Toms; 4 She-Cats; 4

ThunderClan; 1, 0

ShadowClan; 1, 0

RiverClan; 1, 1

WindClan; 1, 2

Loners; 0, 0

Rogues; 0, 1