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A massive, powerfully built tom with an ambition and temper to match, Dragonstar is a cat to be feared; something he has worked toward his entire life. His tabby brown pelt is littered with scars, the most noticeable being his torn ears and twisted bottom jaw. Though he is a 'disabled' cat, his jaw has become more powerful than that of a regular cat's, thus earning him his warrior name of Dragonjaw. Before he earned this new name, he had been known as Stripedpelt, a regular warrior of ShadowClan- if not slightly more ambitious and bloodthirsty cat than the others. When he broke his jaw, and had to struggle to be re-accepted back into the Clan, he realized just how weak the other cats were in comparison. Steeling himself on the decision that he would one day lead his Clan to victory, he eventually clawed his way to the position of Deputy, and then onward to become Dragonstar, leader of ShadowClan.

Lives - 9



Will be chosen by Leader*Dragonstar

Medicine Cat

Will be chosen by Dragonstar*Site Owner


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ThunderClan: The skies are clear with plenty of sunshine, and prey is scurrying to get to fallen acorns and leaves.

ShadowClan: A biting wind chills any cat outside of the camp, and frost is beginning to appear on the marshy ground.

RiverClan: The sun shines brightly, warming the river waters and pelts of cats.

WindClan: Though the sky is empty blue, a freezing wind tears across the open moorland.

Season: Leaf-Fall


Toms; 4 She-Cats; 4

ThunderClan; 1, 0

ShadowClan; 1, 0

RiverClan; 1, 1

WindClan; 1, 2

Loners; 0, 0

Rogues; 0, 1